Thing 3

Using Images to promote libraries
I was delighted to discover pixabay, which is a fantastic resource and really useful to find images, which can be used in the public domain.

I was designing a logo for a children’s literacy initiative run by Offaly Libraries and was finding it hard to find free images that could be reused.

The programme is called Once Upon a Story Time… and I wanted to design a simple logo using themes from fairy tale’s such as towers, castles etc.

I designed the logo using online graphic design programme Canva. I am a big fan of and use it almost daily to design promotional material for library programmes and events.

The image below is one I found on pixabay and while I didn’t use it in the final logo, I am amazed at the selection that is on offer, and will definitely use this resource in the future.


This is the final logo, which was created using free images from Canva. It is not always easy to find free images that suit the event, so pixabay will come in handy in future.



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